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Safety Tips

Hindsight202 Security is committed to creating a safe, secure and welcoming community for all its residents. In light of increased reports of home break-ins and thefts, we offer these tips to help you protect yourself and your place of business.

Safety Tip #1

A bat with a sock is a formidable weapon for security. If an intruder makes it through your door, you will be able to grab a baseball bat from its hiding spot by your door. By wrapping the bat in a sock, the intruder won't be able to grab it from your hands because of how slippery it becomes. The intruder will also be distracted by having to push his way through an obstacle course of shoes as he tries to make it across your foyer.

Safety Tip #2

Although locking your doors and windows may seem like good security, they're not often enough to protect your home against intruders. First, make sure you have deadbolts on both exterior doors -- they make it more difficult (although not impossible) for intruders to break in, because they lock automatically after closing. While you're at it, take a look at your door frames and hinges -- older doors or exposed hinges can pose an unnecessary risk. Finally, consider upgrading to smart locks; these devices allow you to control access remotely and even alert you when someone is trying to get in. 

Safety Tip #3

Installing a home security system is the single most effective way to protect your home and your family. A monitored, professionally installed system can deter would-be intruders, and if there's ever an emergency, it can alert authorities and help you get back control of your home as quickly as possible.

Safety Tip #4

An important step in home security is to avoid keeping your expensive items where intruders can easily see them as they pass by. For example, avoid leaving expensive tools or bikes out in the open, close your garage door, and don't leave expensive electronics, purses, jewelry, cash, and other big-ticket items in front of open windows. You can also consider installing window treatments like curtains or blinds to keep out spying eyes.

Safety Tip #5

If you're worried about being a victim of crime, then you've probably thought about where to install outdoor lights around your home. While it's true that having motion-sensor lighting outdoors can help discourage intruders, it's also important to remember that these crimes are often ones of opportunity. That means if they see a bright light while they're walking onto your property, they'll quickly move along to their next target.

Safety Tip #6

Keeping your garage safe starts by making sure none of the doors and windows are open. Next, keep your garage door opener in the house and not in your car where it could be stolen. If a thief does break into the garage, the next layer of security can keep them from entering your home through an interior door.

Safety Tip #7

Did you know that there are multiple places burglars will look to find your house key? If you have a spare key under your doormat or flowerpot on the porch, rethink its placement. Intruders know these popular hiding places for spare keys, and those are the first places they'll look. Instead, consider giving the extra key to a trusted neighbor or friend. If you must have a spare key outside your home, look for safer alternatives such as a concealed combination lockbox -- or at least a discreet and unexpected location far from your doorway.

Safety Tip #8

Most burglars don't want to enter your home when you're there. They'd rather find an empty home and be in and out as quickly as possible. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent intruders is to make it look like someone is home at all times. During the workday, this might include leaving a light or the TV on. When you're gone for a longer period of time such as a vacation, make sure to have a neighbor or family member collect your mail, since mail piling up can be a giveaway that the homeowner is gone for a while.

Safety Tip #9

It’s a good idea to walk the perimeter of your home and look for any areas of weakness. Think like a burglar and think about the easiest way they might break in. They want to get in quickly, so look for areas with low windows or any unlocked doors. Walk around those entry points and see if you can see in through them without standing outside.

Safety Tip #10

Overgrown shrubs and bushes around your home offer protective cover for suspected intruders. Eliminate any potential hiding spots by keeping shrubs trimmed and low to the ground, thereby making it easier for law enforcement officers to make arrests and deter criminals from trying in the first place.

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