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Hindsight2020 was created in 2014 by Jonathan Billet, a former police officer with leadership, investigation, command, and tactics experience. Hindsight2020 Security Services started out as Hindsight2020 Investigations and Security Services in 2014. In 2020 Hindsight2020 decided to not renew the Investigation license to focus solely on security for our clients. We have seen an increase in criminal activity affecting several homes and businesses in the southern Colorado areas especially Pueblo and Pueblo West. We work very closely with Law Enforcement, residents, and business owners in Pueblo. We have former Police and Correctional Supervisors on staff and are ready at the moment’s notice to help our clients. We strive to exceed our client's expectations at every level. We educate our clients on the pros and cons of different security options that are out there and help them make an informed decision that fits within their budget. Our security camera division continues to amaze our clients with the functions our cameras offer, the clarity, and our services that will take a security camera to the next level! We offer budget-friendly services without compromising our integrity and commitment to your security.

 We offer a free consultation for your security needs at no cost. Our patrols spend more time on site than any other security company in the state. We physically check doors, windows, and equipment on the property. We document any safety or security concerns; we send you a detailed patrol log every month for your review, and we continue to communicate with our clients regularly. Our clients understand the need for security to protect their businesses. Our job is to offer the best service at the lowest possible cost.


Our monitoring service takes your security cameras to the next level. Cameras are wonderful if they are clean and aimed right but they are a reaction usually days or hours after an event. You may be lucky enough to be able to grab a face from one of your cameras and pass it on to the Police. Our service will detect signs of intrusion and notify local Law enforcement immediately. That means if you have an office with equipment in the yard and thieves cut a fence to strip parts off your equipment your building alarm system won’t activate. We make sure we are protecting your entire property and assets.

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